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About Us

iLA is the UK's only SRA Approved Law Firm specialising exclusively in Independent Legal Advice.

We help developers, lenders and brokers across the country with a seamless service - by providing fast, reliable and efficient Independent Legal Advice for all Banking, Finance, Specialist Lending, and Property related documents, including Personal Guarantees, Debentures and Third-Party Legal Charges.

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Welcome from our Co-Founders

Thank you for visiting us, it's great to see you here!

As the founders of iLA, we have collectively been advising on complex banking and property related legal issues for decades and, whilst we are solicitors, our team has also diversified over the years and have experience brokering within the specialist lending industry. This means the team at iLA has a unique insight into the requirements of lenders and understands the time pressures and constraints that can sometimes arise in transactions requiring ILA.

Our mission is to change the way in which Independent Legal Advice is provided – fast, efficient, and effective – and so our part to play in the wider transaction or agreement is carried out seamlessly, professionally and hassle free. You are at the centre of every decision we make and process we create, designed to make your experience with us as simple and stress-free as possible and (dare we say it) even enjoyable!

  • Anastasia Ttofis

    Anastasia Ttofis

    Solicitor | Co-Founder & Managing Director

    Anastasia has over 8 years’ experience in the legal industry and, prior to co-founding iLA, she was the Head of Banking and Finance at a London based law firm. She has substantive experience acting on high profile litigious banking claims, and advising on complexed banking facilities and security documents.

    Seeing the bigger picture, connecting the dots and expanding our clients' network is really what sets her apart.

  • Luke Baldwin

    Luke Baldwin

    Solicitor | Co-Founder & Director

    Luke has spent many years advising on complexed finance facilities and securities as a solicitor, and also assisting clients in his capacity as a specialised finance broker where he has provided advice to clients from inception of a loan agreement through to completion

    Luke likes to ‘think outside the box’ and find innovative ways to meet your objectives, whilst making sure he adds value to your property project.

  • Ziggy


    Head of "Pawsitivity"

    He is on hand to help with team morale, wellbeing and motivation. He mostly enjoys giving out cuddles (to anyone and everyone!) and when he is not in the office, he can be found doing 'zoomies' on Bournemouth beach and exploring the world in his trusty camper van.

    At iLA, we believe that we perform at our best when we are at our best, and so Ziggy plays a very important role in making sure our office is full of positive energy and self care.