Consultant Solicitor

Catharine Young

About Catharine

Catharine boasts a remarkable legal journey spanning over 12 years, thriving as a company commercial solicitor across diverse London law firms and in-house legal counsel roles within the media and banking sectors. She has also diversified over the years, and now has substantial experience both drafting and advising on family related agreements and legal issues

What sets Catharine apart is her profound grasp of empathy. She recognizes the significance of truly hearing and understanding her clients, especially during emotionally charged moments. Her experience as an in-house solicitor equips her with a unique perspective on what truly matters to clients, enabling her to deliver pertinent, timely advice that's presented in a comprehensible manner.

In the realm of family law ILAs, Catharine's empathy remains paramount. She's acutely attuned to her clients' emotions during these pivotal junctures and goes the extra mile to ensure their comprehensive protection as they step into the next chapter of their lives.


  • M.A (Hons) First Class i Geography Edinburgh University
  • Law Society Common Professional Exam
  • Law Society Solicitors Final Exam

Fun Facts

  • Mantra : Anything is possible
  • Superpower : Empathy
  • Favourite place : The Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall
  • Least favourite food : Ice cream!

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