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The Best Specialist Finance Partner of 2024

iLA is the winner of "The Best Specialist Finance Partner" in this year's Bridging and Commercial Awards 2024! After launching iLA only two years ago, Anastasia and Luke (Co-Founders) still can't believe that we've successfully won such a prestigious award and so soon in our journey. It really is an incredible testimony to all of the hard work, determination and excellent service our team provides day in day out for our partners in the industry. We're so grateful for everyone who believes in us to provide a first class ILA service for their clients. None of this would be possible without you, thank you so much.

Bridging & Commercial Magazine

Earlier this year, an SRA-approved law firm specialising exclusively in independent legal advice (ILA) entered the specialist finance market. In a bid to revolutionise the way this is provided during bridging and commercial transactions, iLA aims to take the pressure off borrowers and lenders by bringing same-day service to the sector. Its founders, qualified solicitors Anastasia Ttofis and Luke Baldwin, reveal where they got the idea to launch the business, how they will be able to maintain service levels at scale, and the benefits of doing it all online...

Elite Woman Award 2022

Working in an industry traditionally ruled by men can be lonely for a woman. Not to mention arduous, especially if you’re climbing the leadership ladder, which can take several years to achieve. But as challenging as it is, surviving and thriving in a male-dominated industry is possible. Mortgage Introducer celebrates the 65 Elite Women whose achievements, mentorship, and contributions have created a positive and lasting impact on the mortgage industry...

NACFB Welcomes New Partner: iLA

iLA, the UK's exclusive law firm specialising in independent legal advice, has officially joined the NACFB as its latest Partner. This collaboration aims to provide tailored services for brokers, solicitors, lenders, and clients on a global scale.

Mortgage Introducer

But by offering a same day service and incorporating high-tech in a bid to increase speed and efficiency, iLA has set the cat among the pigeons in a sector normally associated with being slow, lumbering and strictly procedural....

Bridging & Commercial Article

The team’s background offers them a unique insight into the requirements of lenders and an understanding of the time pressures and constraints that can sometimes arise in transactions requiring independent legal advice. “We understand that the legals can often cause a lot of frustration and delay, and so once we have received the documents and onboarded the client, we can usually provide the independent legal advice within two hours,” said Anastasia...

Dorset Biz News

iLA Co-Founder Anastasia Ttofis, shifted from a high-pressure legal career to mindful living. Through yoga and meditation, she discovered the benefits of living in the present. Now, she promotes mindfulness for professionals seeking a break from routine...

Next Generation leader of the year 2022: Shortlisted

iLA’s Anastasia Ttofis, was shortlisted for the Next Generation Leader of the Year, displaying rapid progression though her career within financial services and demonstrating business value and innovation throughout.

Bridging Introducer

We’ve challenged lenders on their perception of what should be done. Co-founder of specialist firm on how to break the mould...

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