About LUCY

Embarking on her legal journey at the University of Winchester, Lucy laid the foundation for her career with a Law Degree. Her early professional steps led her to Lester Aldridge, where she worked as a Residential Conveyancing Paralegal.

Fueled by inspiration from Aristotelian Philosophy and a deep yearning for eudemonia, a turning point arrived when the traditional legal work ethic threatened to stifle Lucy's soul and spirit. It was precisely at this juncture that Lucy discovered iLA, a modern beacon in the legal landscape. The innovative approach of the entire iLA team captivated her, prompting a transformative shift in her trajectory. Now, working alongside Luke, she serves as a Legal Assistant, striving to maintain sanity in the legal whirlwind.

Beyond the legal realms, Lucy finds solace in long walks, an experience heightened when shared with a canine companion or a friend, preferably of the canine variety. Drawing from her inspirations, Lucy's professional and personal life weaves a multifaceted tapestry. immersing herself in true crime documentaries, and practising yoga stand as cherished pastimes that bring a harmonious balance to her life.


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB)

Fun Facts

  • Mantra : When everything comes your way you're in the wrong lane
  • Superpower : I can sleep on command
  • Favourite place : London
  • Least favourite food : Porridge

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