Legal Assistant

Fiona Osei

About Fiona

Fiona, a bilingual law graduate boasting a French civil law degree, is currently immersing herself in the world of international law with her pursuit of an LLM in International Commercial Law at Bournemouth University.

Beyond her legal prowess, Fiona is a person of unwavering faith, driven by a deep passion for uplifting and bolstering others—qualities cherished here at iLA. Her zest for life extends to her love for globetrotting, culinary adventures, mastering new languages, and a keen eye for fashion.


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB)

Fun Facts

  • Mantra : All things are possible if we believe so
  • Superpower : I believe my superpowers are Endurance and Adaptability
  • Favourite place : Paris
  • Least favourite food : I love all food

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