Office Manager

Charlotte Deaves

About Charlotte

Charlotte and her Great Dane puppy, Aria, became part of our team at the beginning of 2023. Initially, she started as Anastasia's personal assistant, but it didn't take long for her to demonstrate her strong work ethic. Her exceptional contributions to team building and her support for Anastasia on various firm projects led to her rapid promotion to the role of Office Manager in just a couple of months. Charlotte is not one to shy away from a challenge, and her actions prove that 'she who dares, wins!'

Today, she plays a vital role in overseeing our continually expanding team of legal assistants. Her responsibilities range from ensuring their seamless onboarding experience and providing them with all the necessary resources to thrive, to training them in our intricate iLA systems and processes. Simply put, there's nothing Charlotte can't handle in her multifaceted role.

Before joining our team, Charlotte spent nearly a decade working in manufacturing at Lush. Her background equips her with the perfect skills to navigate our ever-evolving and demanding business environment, effectively maintaining the well-oiled machine that is iLA.

Fun Facts

  • Mantra : She who dares WINS!
  • Superpower : Talk to animals
  • Favourite place : Brecon Beacons
  • Least favourite food : Seafood

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