Junior Legal Assistant

Aleksandra Fijol

About Aleksandra

Aleksandra, a language enthusiast, started her journey in England at the age of 11, bringing a unique perspective to her work driven by a love for cross-cultural connections.

Outside her professional life, Aleksandra finds comfort in coastal living, enjoying the sea's calming rhythm. The shoreline serves as her sanctuary, providing a peaceful space to relax by the water. Amidst the waves, Aleksandra explores her culinary interests, trying out new recipes in her free time. Her cooking style is characterised by joy and creativity, adding a personal touch to each dish.

In this mix of interests, Aleksandra's love for language, cross-cultural connections, coastal living, and culinary exploration coexist, forming a multifaceted picture of her identity.


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) (LLB)

Fun Facts

  • Mantra : Work hard, play hard
  • Superpower : To be able to fly so I can go anywhere in the world
  • Favourite place : Anywhere in Italy
  • Least favourite food : Raw tomatoes

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